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WarnerMedia Aims to Amplify Marginalized Voices   (released 3/4/2021)
Miami Film Festival Runs Hybrid Schedule   (released 3/2/2021)
Sarasota Film Festival Still Accepting Submissions   (released 2/9/2021)
Taraji and SJP Announce Golden Globe Nominations   (released 2/4/2021)
Tribeca Accepting Submissions Including Games   (released 10/7/2020)
South of Central Streaming Now   (released 4/9/2020)
All Filming in Miami-Dade Suspended   (released 3/24/2020)
Oscar Nominated Short Films on Tour   (released 2/1/2020)
Mark the Calendar and Bookmark Miami Film Festival   (released 1/30/2020)
Miami Jewish Film Festival is January 9-23   (released 12/23/2019)
Move Your Feet to Screen Dance Miami   (released 12/23/2019)
NATPE Miami is January 21-23 at Fontainebleau   (released 12/23/2019)
Miami's Borscht 0 is November 15-24   (released 11/15/2019)
FSU Presents Veterans Day Film   (released 10/28/2019)
Quarterly Film Florida Meeting in December   (released 10/28/2019)
Senate Bill 530 Submitted For Film & Entertainment   (released 10/24/2019)
Florida State Film Program Auditions   (released 9/30/2019)
Free Outdoor Films at Pier 60 in Clearwater   (released 9/20/2019)
First Film Review Tampa is September 26   (released 9/20/2019)
Free Screening of Bombshell The Hedy Lamarr Story   (released 9/19/2019)
Hurricane Forecast - Be Prepared   (released 8/28/2019)
Tampa Premiere of The Peanut Butter Falcon   (released 8/8/2019)
9th Miami Media and Film Market is June 4-7   (released 5/14/2019)
American Black Film Fest is June 12-16 in Miami   (released 5/14/2019)
Free Movies in the Library   (released 5/13/2019)
Free Movies with Sunsets at Pier 60   (released 5/13/2019)
Florida Film Festival 2019 Highlighting Florida   (released 3/28/2019)
Sarasota Film Festival is April 5-14   (released 3/27/2019)
Weekend Highlights for Gasparilla Film Festival   (released 3/22/2019)
Palm Beaches Student Showcase of Films Finalists   (released 3/12/2019)
FL Senate Bill 526 Passed Committee, Under Review   (released 2/21/2019)
Gloria Estefan Acting in One Day at a Time   (released 2/14/2019)
Miami Film Festival Looks Strong at 36   (released 2/11/2019)
Shaft to Open American Black Film Festival   (released 2/7/2019)
Rooftop Screening Tribute to Burt Reynolds   (released 1/21/2019)
Love Your Shorts Film Festival is February 7-10   (released 1/16/2019)
Saint Augustine Film Festival is January 17-20   (released 12/10/2018)
Miami Film Festival Hiring Seasonal Team Members   (released 9/5/2018)
OWN drama David Makes Man to Shoot in Orlando   (released 7/12/2018)
New Florida Cinema presents Short Film Screening   (released 6/27/2018)
American Black Film Festival is June 13-17   (released 5/18/2018)
NEW Burt Reynolds Institute opens in N. Palm Beach   (released 4/16/2018)
Jaie Laplante Recognized by King Felipe VI   (released 4/5/2018)
5 Film Slang Terms To Get You Set Ready   (released 4/3/2018)
Miami Film Festival Runs March 9-18   (released 3/7/2018)
Open Mic Comedy Competition in Naples   (released 3/6/2018)
Boynton Beach Short Film Festival Set for April   (released 3/6/2018)
Nuremberg Documentary Screening March 9 in Naples   (released 3/6/2018)
75th Golden Globe Award Nominations   (released 12/13/2017)
Florida Project Ties NY Film Critics Best Picture   (released 12/13/2017)
Watch Tampa's Joe Davison On Stranger Things 2   (released 11/6/2017)
Burt Reynolds Opens Ft Lauderdale Film Festival   (released 11/3/2017)
The Florida Project Nominated for 3 Gotham Awards   (released 11/3/2017)
Women in Film & TV Meetings for November   (released 10/30/2017)
New Florida Cinema Screening September 6th   (released 8/31/2017)
Netflix Lands Letterman   (released 8/31/2017)
American Idol Auditions in Orlando on August 17   (released 8/8/2017)
WIFT Holding Meetings Throughout State   (released 7/31/2017)
I Know Who You Are to Premiere in Lakeland   (released 7/25/2017)
New Florida Cinema Screening Local Films   (released 7/25/2017)
Val Kilmer Touring Florida with Cinema Twain   (released 6/13/2017)
Sarasota County Film Hiring   (released 5/17/2017)
Tampa Bay Community Network is Hiring a Producer   (released 5/9/2017)
Tony Awards Nominations Announced   (released 5/2/2017)
Screening a Collection of Locally Made Films   (released 4/17/2017)
Sunscreen Film Festival hosts McDermott & Zuniga   (released 4/3/2017)
Rory Kennedy Opens Sarasota Film Festival   (released 3/28/2017)
Stars Set for Sarasota Film Festival Appearances   (released 3/14/2017)
PwC Statement Regarding Oscars Flub   (released 2/27/2017)
E-Incubator Breakfast is February 3rd at the Betsy   (released 1/31/2017)
Iraq Director Hassan Cancels Miami Fest Attendance   (released 1/28/2017)
Spencer and Reynolds to get Hasty Pudding Pots   (released 1/25/2017)
89th Oscar Nominations Announced   (released 1/24/2017)
Tampa Film Commission Now Part of Visit Tampa Bay   (released 1/10/2017)
Original Scores announced for Oscar Eligibility   (released 12/15/2016)
Miami Film Festival Highlighting Women Filmmakers   (released 12/13/2016)
Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival   (released 12/1/2016)
Critics Choice Awards Gala is December 11 on A&E   (released 12/1/2016)
CBS Honoring Garry Marshall on The Odd Couple   (released 11/7/2016)
ManaSota Films Celebrating 4 Years   (released 11/3/2016)
G-Star Studios has Episodic Project in House   (released 10/13/2016)
Producing Workshop by St Pete Clearwater Commish   (released 8/10/2016)
Women in Film's Summer Mix and Mingle   (released 8/2/2016)
Tampa Bay Comic Con Brings Screen Stars August 5-7   (released 7/29/2016)
Bloodline Reps Florida in this year's Emmy Awards   (released 7/29/2016)
Manasota Films Mixer and Screening July 20   (released 7/15/2016)
Tampa Pitcher Show Fundraiser   (released 4/28/2016)
Gasparilla Celebrates 10th Year with Rita Moreno   (released 3/30/2016)
Screen on the Green Goonies Oct 17   (released 10/13/2015)
G-Star starts Cell Phone Film Festival in PB   (released 10/5/2015)
Lea DeLaria Entertains at TampaBay IGLFF   (released 9/14/2015)
A+E Networks Accepts Scripted/Unscripted Concepts   (released 7/21/2015)
Thompson attached to Doc about Nichelle Nichols   (released 7/17/2015)
Film Florida Elects Board of Directors   (released 7/16/2015)
NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition Taking Entries   (released 5/24/2015)
Final Three Shows - Late Show with David Letterman   (released 5/18/2015)
Open Extra Call this Saturday "The Infiltrator"   (released 4/8/2015)
Oren Moverman Highlights Opening of Sarasota FF   (released 4/8/2015)
Gasparilla: The Film Festival That Could   (released 3/16/2015)
Film Florida Organizing Rally in Tally 2015   (released 2/16/2015)
Tampa Hillsborough Commish offers Free Screenings   (released 12/17/2014)
Tampa Actress Charleene Closshey Brings it Home   (released 12/17/2014)
The Book of Nightmares Premiere Take 2   (released 12/1/2014)
Monster Challenge Screening at Tampa Pitcher Show   (released 11/20/2014)
HBO's Project Greenlight Is Back   (released 7/11/2014)
17 Representatives/1 Senator for Florida Film   (released 3/25/2014)
November 7 Be in Tallahassee for Legislation Wrap   (released 10/31/2013)
ManaSota Films Meeting September 18th   (released 9/3/2013)
NBC Universal Pictures' Writers Fellowship   (released 8/30/2013)
State Film Commissioner Kerrigan Resigns   (released 7/19/2013)
Tampa meeting for Film and Television February 20   (released 2/12/2013)
Campus MovieFest Back at USF   (released 2/11/2013)
Call for Best of Tampa Fim Submissions   (released 11/25/2012)
Coffee House Film Review Halloween edition   (released 10/2/2012)
Coffee House Film Review   (released 9/10/2012)
Loose Ends Tonight in Fort Myers   (released 9/10/2012)
Mr. Engagement Premieres at Sunscreen   (released 4/19/2012)
Deadline for Nicholl Fellowships is May 1st   (released 4/4/2012)
FFN Networking and Coffee House Film Night   (released 2/26/2012)
Tampa Bay Comic Con is March 3 & 4   (released 2/25/2012)
Cult Movie Mania Presents Screaming Cinema Series   (released 2/8/2012)
Clive Barker Headlines Freak Show Film Festival   (released 10/2/2011)
Coffeehouse Film Review is October 13th   (released 9/23/2011)
Gasparilla Intl Film Fest Accepting Submissions   (released 9/23/2011)
FFN Brings Halloween Movies & Costume Party   (released 9/23/2011)
Sunscreen Film Fest Accepting Screenplays   (released 9/21/2011)
Florida Film Network Meeting is September 22   (released 9/20/2011)
Sunday Free Screening: The Truth That Wasn't There   (released 9/18/2011)
Manhattan Shorts at USF on September 27   (released 9/17/2011)
The Uh-Oh! Show released on DVD   (released 9/7/2011)
Coffeehouse Film Review Starts September 8th   (released 9/7/2011)
NFocus Wins Awards for Voices From Mariel   (released 7/19/2011)
UFVA hosting Summer Film Fair at USF on July 23rd   (released 6/5/2011)
48 Hour Film Project Dates for Tampa St. Pete   (released 5/25/2011)
Gasparilla and Moving Image Festivals In Ybor City   (released 3/21/2011)
Grant and Davison to Produce Mr. Engagement   (released 3/15/2011)
Workers Comp to Begin Shoot April 10 in Sarasota   (released 3/15/2011)
GIFF presents Dooman River for 2011 Global Lens   (released 2/24/2011)
Free Screening of Climate Refugees at Palladium   (released 1/18/2011)
Campus Movie Fest Coming to Florida   (released 1/10/2011)
Gasparilla Submission Deadline is December 31st   (released 12/4/2010)
First ever Freethought Film Festival Coming in May   (released 12/4/2010)
GIFF's Global Lens presents The Shaft on Dec 9th   (released 12/2/2010)
Clearwater Film Festival starts Wednesday, Sept 29   (released 9/27/2010)
Global Lens film is Thursday Evening at Tampa MOA   (released 9/22/2010)
TFN's The Lesson premieres April 7th in Ybor   (released 3/29/2010)
Gasparilla Film Festival Kicks Off This Weekend   (released 3/16/2010)
Gasparilla is hosting Film Panels   (released 3/16/2010)
UCF alum's Hope for a Thorn Screens at Gasparilla   (released 3/16/2010)
Casting Male Comics to host Late Night Spike TV   (released 3/9/2010)
Guzzo Brothers Announce Premiere of Caged Dreams   (released 3/4/2010)
Environmental Film Festival Run through Saturday   (released 2/25/2010)
HB 697 Introduces New Entertainment Incentive Bill   (released 1/25/2010)
Gasparilla FF holding Green the Screen Contest   (released 12/4/2009)
4th Children's Festival @ Cinebistro Hyde Park   (released 11/24/2009)
Screenwriting Workshop in Tampa on Saturday   (released 11/4/2009)
Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office Mixer   (released 8/11/2009)
Vacant Seats Florida Film Ent Advisory Council   (released 7/8/2009)
USF's Rhapsody Takes Campus MovieFest Top Honors   (released 6/27/2009)
NBC Holding Stand-up for Diversity Auditions Miami   (released 6/9/2009)
Valentino the Last Emperor Director to be in Tampa   (released 6/8/2009)
Actress Mo Collins in Tampa doing Stand Up   (released 6/1/2009)
Applications for 2009/10 Incentives Online June 1   (released 5/31/2009)
Sunscreen Film Festival Award Winners   (released 5/25/2009)
Studio@620 Presents What a Wonderful World   (released 5/18/2009)
Sunscreen FF hosts Rooker, Cobbs This Weekend   (released 4/30/2009)
Jim Florentine and Artie Fletcher star in...   (released 4/27/2009)
Ron Farnham a Guest on the Radio this Sunday   (released 4/2/2009)
2009 Gasparilla Film Fest Winners   (released 3/16/2009)
LUNAFEST to Make First Visit to Tampa   (released 3/7/2009)
Joe Redner Documentary Premieres at Gasparilla   (released 2/28/2009)
Film Day in Tallahassee   (released 2/27/2009)
Armand Assante to Receive Festival Honor   (released 2/25/2009)
Terry Moore to receive Lifetime Award @ Gasparilla   (released 2/10/2009)
Arts Radio to discuss Film Legislation   (released 2/7/2009)
SAG Workshop and Q&A for Indie Producers   (released 2/2/2009)
New Motion Film Festival is accepting submissions   (released 1/20/2009)
Super Bowl Half Time Show Seeks Volunteers   (released 1/15/2009)
FFEAC Conference Call January 29th   (released 1/12/2009)
This Sunday Award Show presents new Statuette   (released 1/8/2009)
Postponed- John Travolta to celebrate Pulp Fiction   (released 1/5/2009)
Ybor Film Festival is calling for entries   (released 1/5/2009)
Sunscreen is starting a Filmmaking Course   (released 1/4/2009)
FFEAC Conference Call January 8th   (released 1/3/2009)
Tampa Film Review No More A letter from Guzzo   (released 12/17/2008)
FFEAC 4th Quarter Meeting is Wednesday   (released 12/8/2008)
Mid-Florida Writers Group meets in Lake Wales   (released 12/1/2008)
Lake Wales Library Screening Polar Express   (released 12/1/2008)
Tampa Film Review is Friday, December 12th   (released 11/26/2008)
Native Filmmaker Kinsler will premiere Widow   (released 11/26/2008)
Still Time to Submit to Gasparilla 2009   (released 11/26/2008)
Tonight Tampa Film Review in Ybor   (released 11/14/2008)
Actors Filmmakers gather pre Film Review   (released 11/14/2008)
Saturdays mean Matinee   (released 11/6/2008)
Sony Cameras and Equipment   (released 11/6/2008)
Halloween Picture Show this weekend   (released 10/24/2008)
Writers Group meets in Tarpon Springs   (released 10/22/2008)
Scene on the Green   (released 10/22/2008)
Palm Beach Festival Opens Student Call for Films   (released 10/18/2008)
FFEAC Quarterly Meeting in Long Boat Key   (released 8/11/2008)
Radio Show Highlights Acting Biz on Sunday   (released 7/26/2008)
Native Snow's Latest in Limited Release   (released 7/18/2008)
Incentive Money Available For Florida Indies   (released 7/3/2008)
Three New Appointees Announced For FFEAC   (released 7/3/2008)
Live Music Wednesday to Benefit Gasparilla FF   (released 6/23/2008)
Tampa Film Review is Moving to a New Venue   (released 6/18/2008)
Global Lens Series Continues with Bet Collector   (released 6/3/2008)
48 Hour Film Project Has Begun Registration   (released 6/3/2008)
Film Florida Events Run June 9th-11th in Orlando   (released 6/3/2008)
FAB Actor Annie Kidwell on Radio Show This Sunday   (released 6/3/2008)
Open Call for Gong Show Hosted by Dave Attell   (released 5/20/2008)
Clearwater Radio Show Talking Film This Sunday   (released 5/9/2008)
Double Premiere at USF on June 7th   (released 5/5/2008)
State Incentive Funding Lowered to $5 Million   (released 4/29/2008)
TFR Schedule for May 9th   (released 4/28/2008)
Tampa Bay Video Awards Looking For Entries   (released 4/28/2008)
One Day Films Premiered Charlie Wall Doc   (released 4/27/2008)
Actors and Producers Begin Talks   (released 4/15/2008)
Tampa Film Review April 11th   (released 4/3/2008)
Audience Voting Open for Palm Beach Student Films   (released 3/20/2008)
Visual Effects Discount for Florida Filmmakers   (released 3/15/2008)
Academy Award Winner To Speak at UT   (released 3/13/2008)
Entertainment and Arts Radio Features Acting Coach   (released 3/7/2008)
Independents' Film Festival Accepting Films   (released 3/7/2008)
Sarasota Film Society Screens Ringling Anis   (released 3/7/2008)
Spike Lee to Speak at USF   (released 3/4/2008)
Tampa Film Review March 14, 2008 8-10 p.m.   (released 3/4/2008)
FFEAC Legislative Conference Call Re-Scheduled   (released 2/28/2008)
Sunscreen Workshops For In Front/Behind Camera   (released 2/28/2008)
Gasparilla Honors Tampa Natives and Horror History   (released 2/27/2008)
Sneak Peak of Bobby Bowden during Gasparilla Fest   (released 2/13/2008)
Tallahassee to host NBCs Nashville Star Open Call   (released 2/12/2008)
Lucia Fishburne Is Named State Film Commissioner   (released 2/11/2008)
New Clip Film Series To Screen Curiosity of Chance   (released 1/17/2008)
FFEAC Teleconference Call - Jan 18th AM   (released 1/17/2008)
48 HFP Looking For TB Producer to Take Over   (released 1/17/2008)
State Film Office hiring Incentives Administrator   (released 12/20/2007)
TFR Celebrating Four Years   (released 12/20/2007)
Sunscreen Festival Guarantees Distribution Deal   (released 12/20/2007)
Gasparilla Added To Global Lens Series   (released 12/20/2007)
Loco Dawn Premieres Origami Deathmatch   (released 12/20/2007)
National Student Television Awards Deadline Soon   (released 12/13/2007)
Film, TV Stars with Roots in Comedy on South Beach   (released 12/11/2007)
Interviews for Film Commissioner to be Public   (released 12/10/2007)
Tampa Film Network to meet December 11th, 2007   (released 12/3/2007)
State Conference Call for Digital Media Industry   (released 12/3/2007)
Michelle Marx Appointed to Advisory Council   (released 11/28/2007)
Phobia - The Short Made It to New York   (released 11/23/2007)
Brouhaha Showcases Florida Filmmaking Talent   (released 11/21/2007)
Tampa Film Review November 9th, 2007   (released 11/7/2007)
Brittany Snow To Attend Gasparilla   (released 10/24/2007)
Next Sunday Seminar at Venue on October 28th   (released 10/22/2007)
Freak Show Film Festival This Weekend In Orlando   (released 10/16/2007)
Local Films Screening at Channelside   (released 10/12/2007)
Producer Vachon Will Speak at UT   (released 10/12/2007)
Brouhaha's Entry Deadline is October 26th   (released 10/5/2007)
Sirmons Leaving; State Looking For New Commish   (released 10/3/2007)
Sarasota Film Society Filmmaker's Forum - Call   (released 9/19/2007)
Sunscreen FF Accepting Submissions   (released 9/18/2007)
Halloween Horror Picture Show - Lineup Announced   (released 9/18/2007)
Next Tampa Film Network Meeting is set   (released 9/12/2007)
Listen to Entertainment & the Arts Radio Show   (released 9/6/2007)
Tampa Film Review is September 14th   (released 9/5/2007)
Independents' Film Fest Best of the Fest   (released 9/5/2007)
TB Hosts Premiere of Gandolfini Doc   (released 8/28/2007)
Surround Filmworks will premiere County Road 14   (released 8/22/2007)
100 Tears Acquires US Distribution   (released 8/16/2007)
Disney / Florida Promote No Smoking in Films   (released 7/31/2007)
The TFR Lineup for August 10 is Out   (released 7/26/2007)
The Tampa Bay Film Industry & Actors Network   (released 7/26/2007)
Bob Ross on Entertainment and the Arts   (released 7/26/2007)
Venue Theatre is Hosting a Film Seminar   (released 7/25/2007)
Soroka Steps Down, Norris New Commissioner   (released 7/20/2007)
Gasparilla Screening Easy Street Doc   (released 7/18/2007)
Film Florida Announces New BOD Members   (released 7/17/2007)
Tampa Film Review Is Friday the 13th   (released 7/12/2007)
Gasparilla Announces Dates & New Exec Director   (released 7/11/2007) Casting Guest Hosts   (released 7/10/2007)
48 Hour Film Project Winners Announced   (released 6/23/2007)
Two Legends Honored By Film Florida   (released 6/20/2007)
2007 Student Academy Award Winners   (released 6/18/2007)
100 Tears Premiere at Channelside   (released 6/10/2007)
Two FL Student Filmmakers Are Academy Winners   (released 6/8/2007)
White Chicks Inc. @Hoboken Int'l Film Festival   (released 6/5/2007)
Tampa Bay On Demand To Show Local Films   (released 5/30/2007)
Radio Show on Sunday Dedicated to Arts   (released 5/25/2007)
Tampa Bay Film Forum - June 6th   (released 5/25/2007)
Tampa Film Review - June 8th - Still Needs Films   (released 5/25/2007)
Update on Halloweenapalooza   (released 5/25/2007)
Florida Films Going To Cannes   (released 5/14/2007)
Film Slam Is This Sunday May 13th   (released 5/10/2007)
Largo Art Event Series This Summer - Need Films   (released 5/8/2007)
Sarasota Film Festival Award Winners Announced   (released 4/27/2007)
Tampa Film Review - May 11   (released 4/27/2007)
May's Art After Dark to Feature Local Films   (released 4/27/2007)
Brighthouse Intros You On Demand   (released 4/27/2007)
Halloweenapalooza Announced For Channelside   (released 4/27/2007)
Bay News 9 To Feature Local Films   (released 4/12/2007)
Sarasota Filmmaker Goes Raw   (released 4/12/2007)
Sunscreen Film Festival This Weekend   (released 4/5/2007)
House Incentive Bill Update   (released 4/4/2007)
TFR Is Set For Friday the 13th   (released 3/19/2007)
Free Finance Workshop Wednesday in Delray   (released 3/13/2007)
Speaker Rubio Appoints Two New Members To FFEAC   (released 3/9/2007)
Sarasota County Creates Film Office   (released 3/9/2007)
Tampa Film Review - March 9th   (released 2/27/2007)
Florida Filmmakers - ON THE LOT   (released 2/21/2007)
Gasparilla Announces Full Schedule   (released 2/15/2007)
Film Ranch Announces Horror & Hotties   (released 2/14/2007)
Producers of 100 Tears Holding Contest   (released 2/14/2007)
$1 Million in Florida Incentive Funds Available   (released 2/12/2007)
Weekend Film Crew to Host Workshops   (released 2/5/2007)
MegaCon Indie Film Expo Set For Feb 16   (released 1/31/2007)
Gasparilla FF Secures Films and More   (released 1/30/2007)
TFR Exchanging Films with Wild Sound in Canada   (released 1/30/2007)
State Film Commish Conference Calls This Week   (released 1/30/2007)
Gasparilla Film Festival Needs Volunteers   (released 1/16/2007)
Gasparilla Secures First Two Features   (released 1/16/2007)
Ybor Film Festival Accepting Entries   (released 1/11/2007)
Collaboration Contest Gala Screening - January 13   (released 1/2/2007)
Tampa Film Review Celebrate Three Year Anniversary   (released 12/27/2006)
January Dates Set For State Teleconference Calls   (released 12/21/2006)
Comedy Central with South Beach Comedy Festival   (released 12/1/2006)
4Q Film Florida and FFEAC Council Meetings   (released 11/29/2006)
**State Conference Calls Scheduled Dec 12-15   (released 11/29/2006)
FFEAC MINUTES NOW AUDIO STREAMED!   (released 11/13/2006)
Dream Job with Dream Works on the line   (released 11/13/2006)
Crystal Reel Awards this weekend   (released 11/6/2006)
Tampa Film Review Friday Night   (released 11/6/2006)
"Draw 3" Premiere @ Masque Community Theatre   (released 11/6/2006)
Both Candidates For Governor Agree On Film   (released 10/30/2006)
Film Contest Sends Winners To Sundance   (released 10/27/2006)
Miami & Sarasota Earn Grants From Academy   (released 10/26/2006)
Local Filmmaker's First Short Film To Premiere   (released 10/18/2006)
1940's Mobsters Haunt Ybor City   (released 10/10/2006)
Florida Indie Film Panel in Orlando   (released 10/2/2006)
Gasperilla Film Fest call for entries   (released 9/22/2006)
Tampa Film Review   (released 9/22/2006)
Tampa Film Fan   (released 9/22/2006)
Halloween Tampa Style   (released 9/22/2006)
Advanced Screening of Guzzo Brothers' Latest Film   (released 9/15/2006)
FFEAC Meeting Notice - Updated   (released 9/15/2006)
Red Carpet Seats Available Online for 79th Oscars   (released 9/15/2006)
Rescheduled Hurricane Insurance Task Force   (released 9/14/2006)
Hurricane Task Force Conference Call Cancelled   (released 9/8/2006)
List of State Certified Productions   (released 9/6/2006)
Introducing the Gasparilla Film Festival   (released 8/25/2006)
Tampa Film Review Set For Sept 8th   (released 8/25/2006)
Hurricane Task Force Conference Call Postponed   (released 8/23/2006)
Next Gen Short Film Contest Accepting Entries   (released 8/18/2006)
Real Premonition Plan Premiere; Videos Available   (released 8/17/2006)
Performers Wanted For BookPals   (released 8/17/2006)
SAG Foundation's CAP Launching in Florida   (released 8/11/2006)
Help SAG Foundation By Searching the Internet   (released 8/10/2006)
Tampa Film Review is August 11th   (released 8/3/2006)
Update on the State Financial Incentive   (released 8/1/2006)
Public Invited to State Level Conference Calls   (released 7/25/2006)
Rep Don Davis To Host Film Industry IdeaRaiser   (released 7/25/2006)
Armory into Film Studios Heart of West Tampa   (released 7/21/2006)
Orlando Filmmaker Shoots Tinnitus PSA   (released 7/19/2006)
Aida's Big Phat Florida Film Festival This Weekend   (released 7/6/2006)
KSFilms First Feature on FilmBaby, Second in Pre   (released 6/28/2006)
Tampa Film Review Set For July 14th   (released 6/27/2006)
New York Premiere of Confessions of a Thug   (released 6/19/2006)
Financial Incentive Applications Available Monday   (released 6/15/2006)
Sarasota Student Among Academy Winners   (released 6/14/2006)
Fear Film's "The Evil Within" Goes Into Production   (released 6/7/2006)
Win a Trip to Miami Vice World Premiere   (released 6/6/2006)
Tampa Film Review Set For June 9th   (released 5/26/2006)
Academy Award Going To Sarasota Student   (released 5/23/2006)
2nd Annual Indie Film Jam in Orlando   (released 5/16/2006)
06-07 State Incentive Fund Doubles   (released 5/12/2006)
Lonely Hearts Highlights Jacksonville   (released 5/12/2006)
Billy Lane's Documentary Released   (released 5/9/2006)
Indie Filmmaking and the Law at Jax Film Fest   (released 5/9/2006)
Cosmos Festival Winners   (released 5/4/2006)
Academy Announces Student Finalists   (released 5/4/2006)
The Passage Screening at NY Film & Video Festival   (released 5/2/2006)
99 Doing Well On Festival Circuit   (released 5/1/2006)
Lost City Poster and Release Update   (released 4/25/2006)
99 to Screen at Cosmos Festival   (released 4/19/2006)
CFR Set For May 12th   (released 4/18/2006)
Independent Film Series Gearing Up In Dunedin   (released 4/7/2006)
Updates on Cosmos Intl Film & Video Game Fest   (released 4/4/2006)
99 Wins Pick of the Flicks at Garden State   (released 4/4/2006)
Letter From the State Film Commissioner   (released 3/29/2006)
1 Day Films Shows 99 to Home Audience   (released 3/24/2006)
Boynton Beach Club Releasing This Weekend   (released 3/15/2006)
Opening Weekend of Miami Int'l Film Festival   (released 3/8/2006)
Film State 51 Joins Forces With Legendary Director   (released 3/2/2006)
Announcing 1st Annual Sunscreen Film Festival   (released 2/24/2006)
Tampa Film Review   (released 2/21/2006)
KS Films Nearing Completion   (released 2/20/2006)
Local Films Scheduled For Delray Beach Festival   (released 2/16/2006)
Incubator presents MVC 2006   (released 2/10/2006)
State Film Commish To Speak on Wednesday   (released 2/7/2006)
Miami International Film Festival 2006 Is Here   (released 2/2/2006)
February CFR Date Set   (released 2/2/2006)
Andre The Butcher Set For Release   (released 2/2/2006)
O36 2006: Orlando's 36 Hour Video Race   (released 1/27/2006)
HBO Seeks Filmmakers for 9th Annual Competition   (released 1/24/2006)
eIncubator's 8th Annual Collaboration   (released 1/23/2006)
New Film Network Starting Up   (released 1/18/2006)
Miami Vice - Twice Is Nice   (released 1/5/2006)
Hiding Victoria Will Shoot Jan 9 in West Palm   (released 1/4/2006)
Unexpected Passing of Darrell Jones   (released 1/4/2006)
Acclaimed Indian Filmmaker To Attend TIFF 2006   (released 12/30/2005)
New TV Series Looking for Agents and Homeowners   (released 12/30/2005)
HGTV Looking for Homebuyers and Realtors   (released 12/30/2005)
Coffeehouse Film Reviews Starting Back Up   (released 12/30/2005)
Jingle Mingle Holiday Party - Thursday   (released 12/5/2005)
Florida Films at Sundance   (released 12/2/2005)
Indie Gathering Film Festival - South   (released 11/21/2005)
Documentary screening "People Say I'm Crazy"   (released 11/15/2005)
International Bazaar New Home of Tampa Film Review   (released 11/10/2005)
Comp Screening of Star Wars   (released 11/10/2005)
Filmmakers Start Your New Year   (released 10/28/2005)
Hot Halloween Billy Lane on Discovery Channel   (released 10/28/2005)
Tampa collaborates   (released 10/27/2005)
ImaginAsian Cancelled Due to Wilma   (released 10/25/2005)
Film Offices Closed Due to Wilma   (released 10/25/2005)
Hurricane Prep For Your Production   (released 10/20/2005)
Free Screening of Sin City in Sarasota   (released 10/19/2005)
Kevin Bacon to Receive Award in Sarasota   (released 10/13/2005)
Casting call Tampa   (released 10/13/2005)
Governor Bush Appointments To Advisory Council   (released 10/13/2005)
Media Concepts Annual New Technology Show   (released 10/11/2005)
Maker of 3ds Max To Buy Alias   (released 10/5/2005)
Unrated Director's Cut of Land of the Dead   (released 10/5/2005)
AtomFilms/Intel Call For Entries   (released 9/30/2005)
eIncubator Sets Collaboration Contest Dates   (released 9/30/2005)
Dead Meat Changes Name Before Distribution   (released 9/29/2005)
Academy names Archivist   (released 9/27/2005)
'American Skin 2' Premiere Announced   (released 9/27/2005)
Coffee House Film Review October   (released 9/27/2005)
Showtime Takes Advantage of Florida Film Incentive   (released 9/27/2005)
Introducing Night of Student Films at UF   (released 9/26/2005)
Bleacher Seats For Oscar Red Carpet   (released 9/19/2005)
USF Hosts Lecture on Florida Film Book   (released 9/15/2005)
Free Screening of Constantine   (released 9/3/2005)
Independents Film Festival - 16 & 17 - Tampa   (released 9/3/2005)
Premiere of Death Plots in Orlando - Sept 13th   (released 9/3/2005)
Ron Jeremy Added to Guest List at HHPS   (released 9/2/2005)
2005 Best Film On Campus Contest   (released 8/29/2005)
Scion and MGLFF Sponsor PlanetOut Contest   (released 8/25/2005)
Lawrence Airs On Friday; Screens on Sunday   (released 8/24/2005)
September Installment of Coffeehouse Film Reviews   (released 8/21/2005)
Web Documentary Explores The St. Johns   (released 8/18/2005)
Tampa Theatre and Tribune Collaborate on Trailer   (released 8/15/2005)
Paul Sirmons Appointed Film Commissioner   (released 8/11/2005)
Coffeehouse Film Reviews   (released 8/9/2005)
Digital Cinema Gets Universal Standard   (released 7/29/2005)
Key Dates Announced for 78th Academy Awards®   (released 7/28/2005)
Mandatory Overtime Premiere at Brickhouse 54   (released 7/22/2005)
'Gettin Er Done' In Orlando   (released 7/20/2005)
Stars... Dreams... Opium   (released 7/18/2005)
Monday Night Flicks on Fairbanks   (released 7/10/2005)
Ice Cube Highlight of American Black Film Festival   (released 7/5/2005)
HHPS05 Teams Up with Cinemaker for Prize Pack   (released 7/1/2005)
NOLANCON   (released 7/1/2005)
Other Side Cinema's Vietnam film, "Night Demons"   (released 7/1/2005)
Adrenaline Films Builds New Sound Stage   (released 7/1/2005)
Gov Bush Signs HB1129   (released 7/1/2005)
Rivers of Sand Conducts First Round of Auditions   (released 7/1/2005)
Short Film Premiere Sunday, July 3   (released 7/1/2005)
Free Screening of Life Aquatic   (released 6/29/2005)
Coffeehouse Film Reviews   (released 6/28/2005)
SAG Expands Low Budget Agreements   (released 6/28/2005)
Finishing Funds for Public Television Work   (released 6/15/2005)
Florida Students Among Academy Winners   (released 6/14/2005)
ABC/Disney looking for full time writers   (released 6/14/2005)
Writers Arc starts contest   (released 6/13/2005)
Are you the next State Film Commissioner?   (released 6/3/2005)
Application For State Film Incentive Now Available   (released 6/2/2005)
Albershardt Steps Down As State Commissioner   (released 5/25/2005)
Coffee House Film Reviews   (released 5/24/2005)
FLIFF's Best of Florida / Made in Florida   (released 5/24/2005)
NALIP'S Latino Producers Academy Accepting Applica   (released 5/24/2005)
Hoot: One Book/One State   (released 5/24/2005)
Florida Students Named Academy Winners   (released 5/23/2005)
2005 Independent's Film Festival Entry Deadline   (released 5/18/2005)
Dead Meat, Starring Ron Jeremy, Premiered May 1st   (released 5/11/2005)
Two Student Filmmakers Named Academy Finalists   (released 5/10/2005)
Coffee House Film Review Ybor City   (released 4/29/2005)
Casa Bacardi Call For Films   (released 4/28/2005)
Hey Tampa Kids Film Camp is this June   (released 4/27/2005)
Latitude 25 Pictures Sets Sail   (released 4/25/2005)
Enter Academy's Nicholl Screenwriting Program   (released 4/15/2005)
Build A Career in Music Video Production   (released 4/12/2005)
Zara Brothers Successfully Option Script   (released 4/7/2005)
Tampa Indie Film Review   (released 4/4/2005)
Panama City P.D.   (released 4/4/2005)
Ft Meyers Celebrates 5 years As Film Festival   (released 4/1/2005)
Introducing the Italian Film Festival   (released 4/1/2005)
Industry Leaders Seek Immediate Action   (released 3/31/2005)
Spring Bling Gets Wet In 2005   (released 3/30/2005)
TIFF Returns to Tampa   (released 3/27/2005)
The Dance Premiere   (released 3/26/2005)
Announcing Halloween Horror Film Festival 2005   (released 3/23/2005)
Hoot Targeted For July, Tampa Start   (released 3/15/2005)
Coca-Cola Filmmaker's Award Goes to FSU Student   (released 3/14/2005)
John Goodman Cemented in the Walk of Legends   (released 3/13/2005)
FLA Entertainment Industry Uniting March 22, 2005   (released 3/10/2005)
Universal Music Publishing Group Supports MVC '05   (released 3/2/2005)
Sneak Peek at 'Kitchen Underground'   (released 3/2/2005)
Ybor Film Festival Marking 3rd Year   (released 3/1/2005)
Super Size Me   (released 2/25/2005)
Tampa Coffeehouse Film Review   (released 2/24/2005)
Hiassen Book Adapted For Film   (released 2/23/2005)
Antonio Banderas and Santa to Perform   (released 2/23/2005)
Filmmaker Coppola on South Beach   (released 2/22/2005)
Producers Funding   (released 2/21/2005)
Finishing Funds   (released 2/21/2005)
ABC/DGA DIRECTING FELLOWSHIP   (released 2/21/2005)
Jurors and 11 awards @ MIFF   (released 2/15/2005)
The Collaboration... The Connection... The Contest   (released 2/11/2005)
Icon Film Studios Premieres Sever   (released 1/31/2005)
Sarasota Film Festival Loaded With Celebs   (released 1/23/2005)
Charlize Theron named Presenter   (released 1/19/2005)
Note from the Editor   (released 1/19/2005)
Orlando Area Medical Show Continues   (released 1/18/2005)
Because of Better Incentives   (released 1/17/2005)
26th Annual Telly Awards Call for Entries   (released 1/16/2005)
HBO Accepting Entries For 8th Annual Competition   (released 1/12/2005)
USA And HSN Join In Reality   (released 1/6/2005)
International Film Unites in South Fla   (released 1/4/2005)
Free and open to public Grant writing workshop   (released 1/3/2005)
"Lonely Hearts" to Star Travolta and Gandolfini   (released 1/3/2005)
Telemundo In Your Future   (released 1/3/2005)
Celebrate One Year Of Indies In Tampa   (released 1/3/2005)
Karst Productions Receives Coveted "Deffie" Award   (released 12/29/2004)
Roy W. Dean Writer/Researcher Grant   (released 12/28/2004)
FMPTA Elects New Officers   (released 12/22/2004)
The Game of Poker   (released 12/14/2004)
Inaugural Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship   (released 12/13/2004)
Tampa Digital Studios Makes History... Maybe Twice   (released 12/4/2004)
Free Grantwriting Workshops Throughout State   (released 12/3/2004)
Creative Capital Grants Writers' Opportunities   (released 12/1/2004)
FSU Students Make 2004 NFC Top 50   (released 11/30/2004)
O36 2005: Orlando's 36 Hour Video Race   (released 11/22/2004)
Tampa Feature in Production   (released 11/22/2004)
CFR in Ybor   (released 11/17/2004)
USF Mini-Film and Video Festival   (released 11/17/2004)
Tampa Indie Scene   (released 11/9/2004)
Ft. Lauderdale and Sarasota awarded by the Academy   (released 11/9/2004)
Sundance Labs accepting applications   (released 11/2/2004)
"BLACKOUT" Special Edition to Premiere   (released 11/2/2004)
"Kinsey" opens Marco Film Festival 2004   (released 11/2/2004)
Miami Shorts In The Park   (released 11/2/2004)
Kodak Seminars at Ft Lauderdale Intl Film Fest   (released 10/30/2004)
DISTRIBUTE YOUR SHORT FILM   (released 10/30/2004)
Fear on Fairbanks   (released 10/30/2004)
Tampa Coffeehouse Film Review   (released 10/30/2004)
HORROR FIGHTS HURRICANES!   (released 10/30/2004)
The Changers   (released 10/27/2004)
Tour Brings Acclaimed Documentaries To Miami   (released 10/26/2004)
Orlando scores Judging Amy episode   (released 10/26/2004)
Confessions of A Thug Premiere this Sunday   (released 10/22/2004)
Miami Beach Hotel available for implosion   (released 10/18/2004)
Songwriting and the Inspiration   (released 10/18/2004)
Music Festival In Jacksonville   (released 10/18/2004)
Cast of Midnight Central live appearance   (released 10/15/2004)
An Afternoon with... Leslie Nielsen   (released 10/14/2004)
Animator ALEX FRIDERICI shares technique   (released 10/14/2004)
Miami Beach on Film And TV   (released 10/14/2004)
Chris Rock to host Oscars TM   (released 10/14/2004)
Lions Gate adds to 75k top prize   (released 10/13/2004)
Orlando gears up for ShowEast 2004   (released 10/11/2004)
Step Into The Florida Room   (released 10/11/2004)
Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival Has Jobs   (released 10/11/2004)
Spooky Setting For Film Premiere   (released 10/11/2004)
Supporting Our Troops   (released 10/11/2004)
Florida Film Advisory Council Public Meeting   (released 10/11/2004)
Tampa Film Wins Big   (released 10/11/2004)
Gil Cates to Produce 77th Oscar® Telecast   (released 10/11/2004)
The Reaper At NYC Horror Fest   (released 10/4/2004)
Halloween Horror Picture Show 2004   (released 10/4/2004)
Distribution Available For Films On Natural Heroes   (released 10/4/2004)
Bleed At Next Coffee House Film Review   (released 10/3/2004)
Governor Bush Appoints 2 To FFEAC   (released 10/1/2004)
John Biebrich Wins Best Actor 2004   (released 9/30/2004)

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