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Gasparilla is hosting Film Panels
(released 3/16/2010)
By greenroomwire

The Gasparilla International Film Festival will host four film panels this weekend.  Below is a list of the panel discussions including date, time, attendees and locations.


"All right Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close up."
Friday, March 19th - Cinebistro in Hyde Park @ 11:30 am

Casting Director, Kathy Laughlin CSA (Great Expectations, Palmetto) who has coached the talents of Bobby Campo (The Final Destination), Brittany Snow (Prom Night) and Arielle Kebbel (The Uninvited, Mardi Gras) while responsible for casting hundreds in the commercial, television and feature film world. Sheri Kebbel (Kebbel Management), Kelly Paige (Level Model and Talent Management), Nicole Abisinio (Broken Flowers, Red Canyon), Tom Nowicki (L.A. Confidential, The Blind Side), and Armand Assante (American Gangster, Striptease, Judge Dredd) will share their experience and insight discussing the Actor’s road to Hollywood.


We Dare to Scare!
Friday, March 19th - Cinebistro in Hyde Park @ 2:30 pm

Specials Effects Make Up Artists, Marcus Koch (100 Tears, Sinners and Saints) and Chris Polidoro (Dead Meat, Seaquest) take you into an in-depth view of some of the Hollywood tricks from Body Sculpting to Blood.


Is Film Dead?
Saturday, March 20th - University of Tampa @ 10:30 am

Digital Cinematography with Veteran Director of Photography, Curtis Graham (Prime of your Life, Misconceptions), takes a look at the RED ONE and Digital Camera revolution and what it means for the future of Hollywood films. Notable local Cinematographers to include Erik Curtis (Game of Death, The Chaos Experiment), Sean Michael Davis (Cops, Ghosts of Ybor) and six time Emmy winner Bill Mills (Journey to Planet Earth.)


The Future of Florida's Film Business
Saturday, March 20th - University of Tampa @ 2:00 pm

A panel of experts from Filmmakers, Lawmakers and Vendors discuss and interact with the audience about filming in this state and how to create more production statewide and increase internal production in the Bay area. Congressman Kevin Ambler, Ron Satlof (Misconceptions) Lindsey Norris Guthrie (Tampa Bay Film Commission), Robert Sterrett (Immortal Island), Tom Garrett (University of Tampa, Producer), Graham Winick (Film Florida, Miami Film Commission), Rick Kalivoda (First Unit Production Services), Paul Cohen (FSU Film, Torchlight) and John Textor (Digital Domain, Star Trek, Transformers).


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