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Supporting Our Troops
(released 10/11/2004)

This Ain't Shakespeare: A Salute to the Troops, will be distributed to the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, in the form of 500 DVDs, distributed by the Chaplin's Office at Patrick Air Base. The DVD contains approximately 1 hour forty five minutes of PG13 type sketches, a music video featuring the song, Where Ever She Flies, by Gary Chase, and video Thank You's from some of the cast. The production was sponsored by the Port Saint John American Legion. The show was produced by Cyndi Perrons, and performed at the Titusville Playhouse. Cast credits included: Frances Welford, Anna Glenn, Kimberly and Kathy Thompson, Chris Perrons, Jim Mullins, Sherry Reed, Rich Jones, Melissa Seay, Rob Yoho, JJ Curtis, Mary Ann Jameson, Maggie Crenshaw, Greg Hessinger, Tona Oseletto, Nancy Wolford, Ciera Barnhart, and Jessica Southwell. Writers included: Lawrence Wasden, Tony Gaenzle, Cari Barber, Cyndi Perrons, Kat Lively, and Christie Kraemer. Videography was done by BANKA Digital Enterprises. Editing work was completed by JCL Productions Inc. The purpose of the DVD is to provide some comic relief to the brave men and women who are serving in the armed forces.
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