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Boynton Beach Club Releasing This Weekend
(released 3/15/2006)
By Douglas Lorah

Director Susan Seidelman (Desparately Seeking Susan, Sex and the City) and her production company Snowbird Films shot her latest creation Boynton Beach (Bereavement) Club in West Palm Beach. Part of the film was shot at the G-Star School of the Arts, which helped keep the production costs down.

The film's cast includes Sally Kellerman, Dyan Cannon, Joseph Bologna, Michael Nouri, Len Cariou, Brenda Vaccaro, Renee Taylor, and Mal Z. Lawrence and was produced by Jamin O'Brian.

The movie just had its Florida Premiere on Monday, March 13th at the Muvico City Place with Director Seidelman and actress Dyan Cannon. The movie will begin screening this weekend at a few locations in the South Florida area. Check out their website for locations at

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