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2009 Gasparilla Film Fest Winners
(released 3/16/2009)
By Douglas Lorah

The Gasparilla Film Festival was able to bring in a few more names to this year's festival.  The biggest name was Armand Assante.  They also brought in a screen legend from the black and white days Terry Moore and writer/producer/director Rod Lurie.

One aspect that most festivals neglect is taking care of the local filmmakers.  Gasparilla did not.  They used locally produced films as one focus and some of them even won awards.

Here are all the winners from the 2009 Gasparilla Film Festival.

Young Filmmaker Grand Jury - Zona Rossa by Gina Papabeis
Audience Best Short Narrative - Gisela's Closet by Ben Rosa
Best Short Documentary - Improv Island by Tod Wiseman, Jr.
Best Florida Production - Ghost of Ybor - Charlie Wall by Pete and Paul Guzzo
Special Mention Cinema Award - Clear Lake, WI by Morgan Simpson and Charlie Poe
Special Mention Cinema Award - Misconceptions by Ron Satlof
Special Mention Male - Mark Ruffalo in What Doesn't Kill You
Special Mention Female - Laura Harring in Drool
Audience Best Narrative - What Doesn't Kill You by Brian Goodman
Audience Best Documentary - Truth in 24 by Keith Cossrow
Special Mention Grand Jury - Amal by Richie Mehta
Grand Jury - Kassim the Dream by Kief Davidson


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