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(released 10/30/2004)
By kim burke

ENIGMA FILMS is partnered with CUSTOMFLIX in a brand new project called 'Build your own DVD'. This will enable customers to log on to the web site and select their own favorite Short Films from a huge selection of Shorts to compile on a personalized DVD of their own creation. They even get to design the Box Art right there online. Customers will have an opportunity to purchase a compilation DVD of Short Films knowing each and every film will be enjoyed as they have selected each of them on their own.

If you have a Short Film and would like to get the exposure it deserves, then contact Rick Danford for more details. This is a non-exclusive deal which means you are free to continue marketing your film in any way you see fit and there is even a revenue sharing plan so you can get paid for your film. They are looking for shorts of every genre, especially Horror Shorts. The project is set to go LIVE on Customflix in early November. If this sounds like an opportunity you are interested in, drop an email to Rick for more information.

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