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Tampa Theatre and Tribune Collaborate on Trailer
(released 8/15/2005)
By greenroom wire

The Tampa Tribune has commissioned and underwritten the production of a unique movie trailer for Tampa Theatre. The customized movie trailer for the historic theatre has long been the dream of the non-profit's executive director John Bell. "For some time, we've envisioned a trailer as unique as Tampa Theatre -- without the generic dancing popcorn boxes -- that would enhance the already rich experience of our patrons. The film makers created an affectionate homage to the 1920s movie palace and its relationship with everyone who has come though our doors for the past 79 years. Tampa Theatre is one of only a handful of historic theatres in the country to have a customized pre-show trailer."

The innovative trailer is done in the style of a foreign film, featuring the journey of a mischievous young boy as he explores the back hallways of Tampa Theatre. The trailer also weaves information about coming attractions and theatre rules.

The Tampa Tribune is part of the storyline as well. Tribune marketing director Amy Chown said it was an unique opportunity to reinforce their brand in the marketplace and support one of the places in Tampa that give the community a sense of identity. In addition, Chown added that it was an opportunity to take advantage of the growing marketing trend for product placement in a tasteful and appropriate manner.

The film was created and produced by the Tribune's creative partner Grown Man Films. Grown Man Films is the newspaper's creative agency, producing the award-winning brand campaign "Life. Printed Daily." The writer and director of the Tampa Theatre movie trailer was Gordon Myhre with Spanish trancreation by Jorge Acosta and creative input from the Tampa Theatre staff. Original music was written and engineered by Jim Beckwith and Alfredo Rivero. Beckwith mixed the sound on site to fully showcase the Theatre's DTS Digital Surround System. The final product is a 35mm flat print with DTS Digital Sound. The trailer can be viewed at the Tampa Theatre website.

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