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Loco Dawn Premieres Origami Deathmatch
(released 12/20/2007)
By Douglas Lorah

New York filmmaker Monroe Mann is premiering his 40 minute short film Origami Deathmatch at the Pioneer Theater at 155 East 3rd Street (between Avenues A and B) in Manhattan.

The film, that appropriately spoofs Karate Kid among others, was shot in 2006 in New York utilizing over 30 comic actors. Two of the film's young actresses were actually flown in from Florida. Charlotte Howell, age 8 of Tampa, and Alexa Carter, age 9 of Jacksonville, play young origami folding students.

Monroe's company Loco Dawn Films has also been in the works on a project called In the Wake that he plans on filming in New York and Orlando, Florida.

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