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Loose Ends Tonight in Fort Myers
(released 9/10/2012)
By Donald E. Reynolds

Loose Ends is the story of a group of seemingly unconnected “couples” that are forced together for therapy. The couples include: a young married couple, a professional work partnership, a father-daughter, business partners and an elderly woman whose husband has been seriously injured.

Loose Ends boasts a seasoned ensemble cast. Notable stars include: Michael Dunsworth (Fort Myers) who has appeared in Charlie’s Angeles, Shawn Genther (Punta Gorda) who appeared in a five films at the Fort Myers F
ilm Fest in 2012, Jesse St. Louis (Naples) who recently appeared in Burn Notice. In addition, Andrea Alfonso (Tampa), Alexa DiTaranto (Sarasota), Cora Anne Williams (Naples). Michael Rodriguez (Tampa), Eavan Sullivan (West Palm Beach), Brandon Anthony (Clearwater) and Michelle Marin (Tampa) all have appeared in numerous films and commercials. Secondary cast includes Lee County residents: Melissa DeHaven, Steve Vallo, Justin Parchum, David Raynor and Danny Rawley.

Loose Ends is directed by Donald E. Reynolds. This is his 12th short film. The script was written (and edited) by his longtime collaborator Ted Souppa. Loose Ends is produced by RnD Entertainment Studios, Inc., (RnDES) and is in association with Always On The Go Productions, LLC, (AOTG), both out of the Tampa Bay area. RnDES has produced 18 short films since 2006 and is currently in early pre-production of a feature film. AOTG has produced 8 films since 2011.

TGIM showcases films submitted to the Fort Myers Film Festival and allows the audience to comment and vote on those films before official decisions are made. This will be TGIM’s 3rd season. Doors open at 6:30pm at The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center is located in downtown Fort Myers at 2301 First Street. Eric Raddatz is the host.

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