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Tonight Tampa Film Review in Ybor
(released 11/14/2008)
By greenroomwire

The next Tampa Film Review will be held on Friday, November 14 from 8 – 10 p.m. at Romeo's Art Gallery, 1515 E. Seventh Ave.

This month's films include:

Ceu by David Tinoco: A young man suffers from depression after an unclear tragedy. He has given up all hope until he is suddenly stirred by an unexpected source and given hope.

Conversations with Patrons at the St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen in Clearwater, Florida by Joyce Cooper: A documentary on the soup kitchen.

Return to Sicily: A New Journey by Raymond Chiaramonte: A documentary on one man’s discovery of his roots.

Attrition by George Denison: The guilt of murder is too much for one man to bear.

Loneliness (Girl) by Allison Koehler

Intermingle by Joe Sanchez: Sean is on the search. However, the closer he gets to the man he’s been searching for, the closer he gets to who he really is.

Shelter by Jason Liquori: A father, aided by his daughter, looks into the past of his father and gets more than what he bargained for.

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