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Latitude 25 Pictures Sets Sail
(released 4/25/2005)
By greenroom wire

Executive Producer of Latitude 25 Pictures, Rick Michaels, announced the break-up of PAKA Productions and the formation of a new and more diverse South Florida 'indie' production company.

PAKA Productions boasted of a lengthy and distinguished history of producing quite a few 'indie' short subject dramas, co-produced feature length films, two film festivals, several training videos and one television commercial. Latitude 25 Pictures will continue the same tradition of superb diligence and service.

Currently, Latitude 25 Pictures is co-producing a feature length film titled 'American Skin 2, Eagles Gathering' with long time friend and peer, writer/director Thomas Griffith of Straightaway Movies in Miami. The SAG experimental edgy-political drama, Griffith's specialty, delves into the insurgence of Neo-Nazi organizations into the United States and around the world. Shooting locations include LA, Washington DC, Columbus, Ohio, London, Miami and The Florida Keys. For further information, go to or

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