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Native Snow's Latest in Limited Release
(released 7/18/2008)
By Douglas Lorah

Tampa native Brittany Snow, who was honored at the Gasparilla Film Festival in March, is playing the lead character role opposite Matthew Broderick in Finding Amanda. Snow plays Amanda, the 20 year old niece of Taylor Mendon (Broderick).

In a nutshell, drinking and gambling addicted Mendon goes to Vegas to save his hooker niece. Already sounds like a comedy.

Magnolia Pictures has it on a limited release. How limited? Right now, it's playing at the Gaslamp 15 in San Diego and at Hi Pointe in St. Louis.

Finding Amanda will not be screening in the Tampa Bay area, but it will hit the DVD shelves on September 16th, 2008.

The following pic is courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. Brittany Snow and Matthew Broderick.

Brittany Snow and Matthew Broderick in Finding Amanda

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