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Campus MovieFest Back at USF
(released 2/11/2013)
By greenroomwire

Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival, is returning to the University of South Florida for the 6TH YEAR IN A ROW!

Can you make a 5-minute movie in a week?

CMF is FREE and OPEN to all USF students, faculty, and staff!

CMF will give you everything you need to make your 5-minute short film in 7 days, including:
- Apple Macbook Pro with Final Cut and Adobe CS 6
- Panasonic HD camera
- Microphone & tripod
- 11,000 royalty-free songs
- Technical support throughout the week

This year's prizes include over $30,000 in cash, gear, professional gigs, industry exposure, and more!

To sign up, go to

LAUNCH: February 12th - 12PM - 5PM - Marshall Student Center Ballroom C
TECHNIAL SUPPORT: February 13/14/15 - 12PM - 4PM - Marshall Student Center Atrium
COLLECTION: February 18th - 2PM - 6PM - Marshall Student Center Ballroom A
FINALE: February 26th - 8:00PM - Oval Theatre

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