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Tampa Film Review is Moving to a New Venue
(released 6/18/2008)
By Douglas Lorah

The next Tampa Film Review will be held on Friday, July 11 at 8pm, except this time it will be held a couple blocks away. The TFR is moving again. It will be at the Cigar Theater at 1704 N. 17th Street in Ybor City.

If you've been following along since the Guzzo brothers started this up, you'll remember the beginnings at the coffee shop on the main drag in Ybor.

This is an excerpt from an email sent out by Paul Guzzo, one of the organizers/producers of the TFR.

"We believe this will be a huge step up for the Tampa Film Review. Cigar Theater is a 10,000-square-foot artists' gallery and theater. In our minds, it is the perfect fit and the perfect time to make this move. James and Blake Emory who run the theater are true art leaders in Ybor City, holding regular art shows that bring hundreds of art lovers to Ybor City. They have a desire to hold art shows featuring different genres of art every week at their theatre. Other shows they host include martial arts shows, dance shows, poetry jams, fashion shows, band performances, art showcases, and more. They have mentioned to Pete and I for a while now that they wanted to add an independent film night to their calendar of events, so we finally decided to partner with them."

Paul is still looking for films to show, so if you have a short film ready to be screened, send him an email.

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