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Sunscreen is starting a Filmmaking Course
(released 1/4/2009)
By greenroomwire

The Sunscreen Film Festival is starting a film school as part of its yearlong lineup of events. It is a four month course that begins this month on January 10th.

This is not for seasoned filmmakers, but if you have an idea and maybe haven't made a film before and want to do something in 2009... this might be for you. The course is aimed to teach filmmakers how to take off-the-shelf equipment and make a movie out of original stories. Participants will learn how to write and pitch a script; set up production schedules; plan and shoot shots; direct actors; work with lighting and sound; edit and assemble rough-cuts; insert credits and much, much more.

The five-part course will end with a special screening and party at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg April 29 - May 3.

The classes are taught by Dave DeBorde, professor of cinematic arts at Southeastern University as well as several industry professionals. The classes are advised by Tom Garrett, assistant professor of communication at the University of Tampa.

The cost is $250.00 for the School and a Sunscreen Film Festival Membership at the Key Grip level or $299.00 without the membership.

For more information, contact Harry Chittenden, at or 727-490-7781. You can also visit

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