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New Film Network Starting Up
(released 1/18/2006)
By greenroomwire

What is the Tampa Film Network?

It is a group of individuals in the process of writing, producing, or directing independent films in or around the Tampa Bay area.

The idea of the Tampa Film Network stems from the Cambridge Film Network headed by Alison Mulford and based out of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. I would like to achieve the same progress in the Tampa area. We just have to work together as a group of individuals.

Goal: To unite the independent film community and work towards better production values.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please feel free to contact Joe Davison or Chris Woods.

When: Wednesday February, 1st starting at 8:00-?

Where: Durango Steak House on Westshore Blvd.

Contact info available at or

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