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Radio Show Highlights Acting Biz on Sunday
(released 7/26/2008)
By Kimberly Burke

Sunday, July 27th from 7pm to 8pm, Brenda Martin and John Di Sanza host their radio show "Entertainment and the Arts" on WTAN 1340 AM out of Clearwater.  You can also listen online from anywhere by going to and then clicking on "listen now."

This week, they are talking with members of the Masque Theatre of Temple Terrace as they discuss their upcoming production of "Beauty and the Beast."

Also on the show will be David Kembler and his client Ronald Farnham.  Kembler is a personal manager of Bob Eubanks (The Newlywed Game) and also local casting director, actor, and producer Ronald Farnham.  They will be discussing personal management and other aspects of the acting business.

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