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Coffeehouse Film Review is October 13th
(released 9/23/2011)
By Douglas Lorah

The Coffeehouse Film Review will screen 5 short films on Thursday, October 13th beginning at 7pm at The Buzz.  They are located at 710 Harbour Post Drive on Harbour Island.

The CFR was just revived from a long sleep.  It runs every second Thursday of the month.

Here are October's 5 films.

The Trap by Marcus Kempton: Four people wake up in a strange place with no memory of how they got there and realize they are being hunted. – 15 minutes

Spaventare by Chris Woods: A young woman is terrorized by a phantom first seen only as a stranger in a photograph – 10 minutes

Apoc Boyz by Sedition Studios: The apocalypse is here. Who will save us? – 22 minutes

Nancy by Studio House Pictures: When forced to confront the demons of her past, a troubled young girl, Nancy (Stephanie Ceballos), undergoes a horrific and mind altering journey through the shadowy depths of her own subconscious. – 14 minutes

The Monster Under My Bed by Stars North Productions: Here lies a tale of fright and bone-chilling dread, about the monster under little Samantha’s bed. – 7 minutes

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