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New Motion Film Festival is accepting submissions
(released 1/20/2009)
By greenroomwire

MOTION Film Festival is now accepting submissions via, festival ID 7367. MOTION Film Festival is to be held in Tampa, FL on May 1st and 2nd and will spotlight short films from artists across the country.  Special prizes will be available to local artists.  Submissions must be less than 25 minutes and fall into 1 of 3 categories: dramatic short, animated short, or documentary short.  Submission deadline is February 1st, with a late deadline of March 1st.

Applicants will be notified by March 31st if their film is selected for screening.  See for submission guidelines and details (ID 7367).

February 1st - Regular Deadline - cost is $15 per submission, $10 for students
March 1st - Late Deadline - cost is $20, $15 for students
March 31st - Applicants notified of acceptance
May 1st-2nd - MOTION Film Festival

Awards packages will be over $3000 in total value - details to follow - see

MOTION Mission Statement
MOTION is a movement of investment into a community of inspiration.  The history of the MOTION Film Festival began with the idea of Canvas, an Art Premier.  Over its last four installments Canvas has been recognized as one of the biggest and best known independent series in Central Florida (Scott Harrell, REAX).

With the success of Canvas and its open-armed welcome into the art community of Tampa, we began our plans of investment into the medium of film making by launching MOTION.  Our idea was born out of a desire to provide a springboard for both the artist and the craft.  It is our hope that the art community of the greater Tampa area will continue to prosper from these efforts.

Together we set in MOTION our dreams, inspirations and creativity so that you might set in MOTION yours.

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