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The Game of Poker
(released 12/14/2004)
By kim burke

With the current poker craze that has captured people the world over and especially those of us who frequent their own personal home games, this movie is sure to hit home.

The plot of "Follow the Bitch" involves the classic battle of the sexes. Centering around the chaos that ensues when an all-male poker game is invaded by its first female participant (who just so happens to be damn good), "Follow the Bitch" has been a word-of-mouth festival favorite, garnering standing-room-only crowds and winning first place awards both from juries and audiences since its debut at the Palm Springs International Film Festival earlier this year. Most recently the film took Best Comedy honors at the Breckenridge Festival of Film and the Audience Award at the Cinequest: The San Jose International Film Festival. One review explains " need not know poker to follow Julian Stone's ace feature about the war between the sexes played out on a green felt battlefield."

"Follow the Bitch" showcases the talents of an accomplished cast of actors. It stars Ray Porter, along with Melissa Lechner, who's appeared in several TV series and is a winner of the Los Angeles Dramalogue award for her stage work; Mike Cudlitz, once a regular on "Beverly Hills 90210" who went on to featured roles in "A River Runs Through It" and "Mighty Ducks III" ; David Teitelbaum, remembered by many as "Harvey Shine" on the Movie Channel; and Dion Luther who starred for years on the Canadian sitcom, "The Beachcombers."

Director Stone himself is a successful Los Angeles screenwriter, and has sold scripts to Tristar, Disney, Columbia and others. He is represented by Todd Stern of Weismann & Wolf.

Producer Schlaman has produced and directed several short films and has won regional, national, and international ITVA Recognition Awards, as well as an Award of Excellence at the Joey Awards.

Enigma Films has teamed with Julian Stone to bring his Award Winning feature film, 'Follow the Bitch' to DVD. This Special Edition disc showcases the film. It also adds some outstanding extras such as dual Audio Commentary tracks by members of the Cast and the Director himself, Julian Stone. Intuitive Behind the Scenes Featurettes, a Photo Gallery and Interviews will all the key players.

The Special Edition DVD is on sale now through Customflix and can be found at the following site:

World wide distributions rights are currently being sought, so expect to see this rousing poker comedy in a store near you soon. Inquiries for potential distribution can contact Rick Danford at

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