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Florida Films Going To Cannes
(released 5/14/2007)
By Douglas Lorah

Three more Florida made films will be shopped or screened at Cannes this upcoming week.

Miami's Cocaine Cowboys by Billy Corbin will be screening May 16. Cocaine Cowboys has been out on DVD since January 23, 2007. They are being distributed by Magnolia Pictures.

Orlando's Automaton Transfusion by Steven C. Miller will be played on May 18 and again on May 23. Steven Miller is a Full Sail graduate and now resides in California. According to the official Cannes Film Market website, Automaton Transfusion is being represented by Shoreline Entertainment.

Tampa's 100 Tears, which is currently in post, will be shopped by David Cholewa and his DC Medias. 100 Tears is produced by Manic Entertainment, Starving Kappa Films, Crytzer Enterprises and Oddtopsy Films. 100 Tears will also have its premiere screening June 22nd followed by a short run in Tampa. More details to follow on that.

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