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John Biebrich Wins Best Actor 2004
(released 9/30/2004)

Congratulations are in order! Actor John Biebrich has been announced as the Bay Area's Best Actor 2004 by Weekly Planet. He won the honor by having the most votes submitted from readers.

John has been in a few movies in the Bay Area, most notably the horror film Filthy by Andy Lalino. He has also acted in Threads by J.D. Casey, Contact From Beyond written by Sheri Lawrence and directed by Chris Conklin, Stand-Up by Louis Grimaldo, and the trailer for Real Premonition by Ziad Ahmed.

Below is a picture of John from our visit to the set of Real Premonition on July 11, 2004 in Clearwater.

For a link to the article in the Weekly Planet, click here.

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