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Film Slam Is This Sunday May 13th
(released 5/10/2007)
By greenroomwire

May's FilmSlam will be held this Sunday, May 13th at 1pm. Every month, the Enzian Theater hosts this screening event, which the event promoters try to make around one hour. This month's selections are listed below. Please keep sending in your film submissions. Details about the contest are available at

Below you will find this Sunday's line-up. The program runs 1:01:63, give or take. Plus a ten to fifteen minute Q&A.

#1 - BOBO TALES (2007)
Produced by Mike Gibilisco
Written, Produced & Directed by A.J. O'Toole
Running time: 10:42 min
Orlando, FL -
A collection of charming animated features created to establish and reinforce positive values and behaviors for preschoolers.

#2 - SUBNORMAL (2007)
Produced by Ricardo Garcia
Written, Produced & Directed by Angel Ignacio Anaya
Running time: 5 min
Orlando, FL -
Two friends with unusual abilities come across an old childhood enemy who is unable to cope with his physical transformation and bizarre new reality.

Written, Produced & Directed by Joshua Martin
Running time: 18:40 min
Tampa, FL -

Produced by Juan Fernandez
Written, Produced & Directed by Sebastian Azicri
Running time: 9:54 min
Orlando, FL -

Written by Pattie Beaven
Written, Produced & Directed by Erin Pyne
Running time: 16 min
Orlando, FL -
A prank goes wrong as a young Snape is tricked by Sirius into a dangerous encounter with a werewolf! James Potter attempts to save Snape.

Edited by Anne Seabright and Brett Ryan Bonowicz
Music by Phillip Chernyak
Photos by Brett Ryan Bonowicz
Running time: 1:47 min
Orlando, FL -

The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland. It is just north of Winter Park on 17-92.

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