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Mr. Engagement Premieres at Sunscreen
(released 4/19/2012)
By Douglas Lorah

Locally produced Mr. Engagement, the brainchild of Rod Grant, is making its debut screening on Saturday, April 21st as part of the Sunscreen Film Festival.  Grant wrote the feature and produced it alongside Joe Davison.  Davison produced and directed.

Grant and Davison also play parts on screen.  Grant is the lead next to Ashlie Dawn Stevens.  Grant's character is a playboy that gets dumped by his girlfriend and hatches a plan to get her back by getting engaged to another woman.

Mr. Engagement is screening at 8:30pm at Muvico Baywalk.  Muvico is located at 151 Second Avenue North in St. Petersburg.

You can view the trailer and see behind the scenes photos at

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