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White Chicks Inc. @Hoboken Int'l Film Festival
(released 6/5/2007)
By hanna

Florida actor/comedian Artie Fletcher co-stars with comedian Jim Florentine in WHITE CHICKS, INCORPORATED a feature film directed by Leslie Rohland - New Jersey

Set in New York and New Jersey, White Chicks, Incorporated follows Bill and Lou, two of your basic horny, crass, clueless, beer-drinking, couch potato Jersey boys "who can't get none" and their relentless quest for that one, simple, deserved thing that every man (and woman) is entitled to: SEX.

The cast includes New York's edgey and outrageuos comedians doing what they do best... "BEING RUDE PIGS." Look for performances by popular funny men Jim Norton, Don Jamieson, and Otto and George among others.

The film will screen June 5th @10:00 p.m. in the Burchard Auditorium as part of the Hoboken International Film Festival. For ticket info or more on the festival happenings, go to:

The 90 minute feature is due in stores in the fall, but you can preorder a copy and see clips of the film @

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