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Hurricane Task Force Conference Call Cancelled
(released 9/8/2006)
By greenroomwire

Below is an email sent out from Paul Sirmons on Friday, September 8th regarding a cancelled Hurricane Insurance Task Force conference call:

In an effort to make our call-in system better and allow people to join in calls using a toll free number, the Office of Film and Entertainment recently switched to a new call-in system. Today's 9:30AM teleconference call for our Advisory Council's Hurricane Insurance Task Force was the first scheduled use of the system, and we were caught unaware of a code that had to be entered. This kept people from being able to join in on the call. Because of this, we cancelled the meeting and will reschedule it in one to two weeks (to allow proper notice) so that everyone who wants to listen and/or participate will have the opportunity.

I apologize to our Task Force members and all of our concerned citizens who took the time to try and call in and participate, and thank you for your interest in what we are trying to achieve.

We will get a new date and time for the meeting out to all of you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!

Paul Sirmons
Your State Film Commissioner

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