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Call for Best of Tampa Fim Submissions
(released 11/25/2012)
By greenroomwire


Best of Tampa Bay - Film Festival (Coming January 2013)
Presented by the Florida Film Network.
This is a celebration of Tampa Bay's Talented Filmmakers.

CRITERIA - Your submitted film must have won some-kind of award from a festival, film challenge, etc. It also must have been shot by a Tampa Bay area Filmmaker. It will be a full day of great films, and part

Submit your award-winning films NOW.
Deadline is Nov 30th.
Include your contact info and where your film won an award.
Zero Fee to submit.

Florida Film Network
Best of Tampa Bay Film Festival
P.O. Box 1218
Riverview, FL 33568
 Films will be judged and awarded in catagories ranging from best actor , to screenplay, directing, and best film.

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