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Cosmos Festival Winners
(released 5/4/2006)
By greenroomwire

The Cosmos International Film and Video Game Festival took place from April 20 through 23 in the Gainesville area. Each day, the movies screened at different venues. Day 1 started at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre. Day 2 was spent at Santa Fe Community College and Day 3 had its screenings at the Reitz Union Building at UF.

The following is a list of the festival winners:

Final Draft - Best Feature Film Award
Monty Lapica - Self Medicated

Best Short Film Drama
Djordje Simic - Detachment

Best Animated Feature
Marc Shahboz - Miami85

Best Cultural Film
Jerome Olivier - Missing Pages

Best Action Short
Haim Silberstein - Kings Echo

Ryan Allen - The Cost of Apathy

Best Documentary
Christoph Bove - Deep Springs-A Desert Education

Best Comedy Feature
Colin Hebert - Slapdash

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