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Lost City Poster and Release Update
(released 4/25/2006)
By greenroomwire

Below is the poster for Andy Garcia's film "The Lost City." It's a movie about the Cuban revolution. This took Andy 17 years to put together.

Also, they have the trailer available on their site.

"The Lost City" opens on April 28th, 2006, in Miami, New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles. It will open in Washington D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego in the following weeks.

Here are the Florida releases:

Aventura, FL: Aventura Mall 24 Theatres
Miami, FL: Palace 18
Miami, FL: Dolphin Cinema 19
Miami, FL: LeJeune Cinemas VI
Miami Beach, FL: South Beach 18
Miami Lakes, FL: Miami Lakes 17
South Miami, FL: Sunset Place 24 Theatres

Tampa, FL: Tampa Theatre

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The Lost City movie poster

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