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Bay News 9 To Feature Local Films
(released 4/12/2007)
By greenroomwire

In the near future, Bay News 9's Tampa Bay On Demand Channel will start featuring local independent short films (or trailers). TBOD is on Bright House Cable Channel 340. "I suggested it to them and they loved the idea," says Chris Woods, Bay Area Indie Filmmaker. "They wanted me to spread the word and let you guys know that they will be another outlet to showcase local films. Also, they wanted me to start collecting some films for the time being."

If you want to submit your film, e-mail Chris at and he'll tell you where to send them. VHS and DVD format will do. Once Bay News 9 and TBOD start to move forward with this there'll be a master address for mailing movies.

Tampa Bay On Demand is very PG and G rated, so films with language, violence, sexual content, nudity, adult themes, etc., CAN NOT be shown. Edited films for television will probably be considered.

"Also I wanted to let you know that I myself will not be making the final selections for what gets played on the air. Since I will be gathering the films for now, I will be viewing them before I give them the films. Only thing I will be looking for when I view them is content and subject matter that can't be shown on the channel. I will not be judging them on the quality of the film, they will decide on that," says Chris.

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