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The Tampa Bay Film Industry & Actors Network
(released 7/26/2007)
By greenroomwire

Before you attend the Tampa Film Review, network with other filmmakers at a new networking group.

From the Weekend Film Crew:
Come to the First Tampa Bay Film Industry Meetup to have fun and make friends with people on both sides of the camera and screen. Meet fellow Filmmakers / directors / producers / writers / actors / film crew! The meeting will be held on Friday, August 10 at 6:45 p.m. at the International Bazaar. Typical discussions could include filmmaking in Tampa Bay, the challenges and solutions of low-budget filmmaking, finding actors and crew, and more. We will go with whatever the majority wants to talk about.

Let's use this group to our benefit. We can help each other in learning our craft, in making our films, in finding actors and crew, etc.

This is Tampa Bay film community's group, so in all of our meetings, we will encourage you to share your knowledge and experience. Let us know if you would like to pitch ideas or propose collaborations on your projects. Email us with your ideas and requests.

After the meeting, stay and attend the Tampa Film Review, to watch local filmmakers' short films.

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