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USF's Rhapsody Takes Campus MovieFest Top Honors
(released 6/27/2009)
By Douglas Lorah

University of South Florida student Sarah Wilson led a team to top honors for the 2008-2009 Campus MovieFest.  Her team called Bumblyburg Productions consisted of Sean Brown, Dylan Tozier, Emily Wilson, Sealii King, Kimmy Saracino, Dan Nyugen, Joyce Yong, Trey Penton, Shannan Stewart, Nick Horan, Kailey Mires, Daniel Wang, and Alan Kouns.

Wilson's team won Best Picture honors.  They were awarded by John Cho (Star Trek, Harold & Kumar) at Paramount Studios in Hollywood on June 12, 2009.

Campus MovieFest is a filmmaking competition for college students.  Teams are given a week to create 5 minute or less short films using their music created by themselves or contributed by indie artists.

Below is the winning short Rhapsody.

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