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Sunday Free Screening: The Truth That Wasn't There
(released 9/18/2011)
By greenroomwire

Free Film Screening: "The Truth That Wasn't There".

Sunday, September 18 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

International Boba House
2764 University Square Drive

University Film & Video Association has joined the University of South Florida student chapter of Amnesty International for the screening of the film, The Truth That Wasn't There.

UFVA is pleased to offer this screening and host the film's director and producer as they tour Florida on their way to Orlando's Global Peace Film Festival. The Truth that Wasn't There offers an unprecedented view into the aftermath of the civil war in Sri Lanka that ended in 2009.

Filmed by three novice students shortly after the conflict ended, the film explores not just the gap between propaganda and truth, but the frightening responsibility of war reportage for these young, inexperienced filmmakers.

Given unparalleled access to victims of the war's atrocities and the infamous camps for the internally displaced, the three young journalists struggle to keep afloat in the mix of lies, brutality, and an onslaught of previously unknown information.

By examining both the facts of the war and the weight of the burden of reporting it, The Truth that Wasn't There raises important questions about journalistic integrity and responsibility.

In exploring what happens when young and inexperienced journalists and filmmakers are thrown into the deep end of an internationally important story, the film touches the heart of debates about documentary, objectivism, information, and reportage.

Directed by Guy Gunaratne, 80 Minutes. The screening of the film will be followed by comments and Q&A from the film's director and producer.

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