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100 Tears Acquires US Distribution
(released 8/16/2007)
By Douglas Lorah

The feature horror film 100 Tears has acquired US distribution through SJW and Grindstone Entertainment. It is expected to be out on DVD before the end of the year complete with behind the scenes footage and interviews with the filmmakers.

The movie was shot in Tampa and directed by Marcus Koch. The movie was produced by Pop Gun Pictures, Manic Entertainment, Oddtopsy FX Group, and Crytzer Enterprises. Starring in 100 Tears are Jack Amos, Raine Brown, Joe Davison, and Georgia Chris. A slew of local actors from the area were featured or killed.

We visited the set of 100 Tears in Ybor City and had the opportunity to view the movie with the cast and crew during its premiere weekend at Channelside Cinemas.

You can see photos from both in the Photo Seen.

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