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17 Representatives/1 Senator for Florida Film
(released 3/25/2014)
By Traci Danielle

Here are our current legislators who have listened, cared and responded on behalf of the 160,000+ Floridians in our industry - 17 representatives and 1 senator. If you are attending Rally in Tally, be sure to thank them when you have the chance. Listed as pictured in the photo below, Top L to R:

1. Jim Boyd
Sen. Nancy Detert (filed SB1640)
Manny Diaz, Jr., (filed HB983)
Janet Cruz

2. Daniel Davis
Jose Felix Diaz
Jeanette Nunez
Travis Hutson

3. David Santiago
Reggie Fullwood
Dwight Dudley
Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda

4. Joseph Gibbons
Linda Stewart

5. Jimmie T. Smith
Holly Merrill Raschein
George Moraitis, Jr.
Mia Jones

Photos from Traci Danielle's post in Fight For Film Florida

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