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Tampa Digital Studios Makes History... Maybe Twice
(released 12/4/2004)
By Douglas Lorah

In October, Tampa Digital Studios teamed up with World Triathlon Corp. to provide a live webcast of the Ironman Triathlon. This was the first time a live feed was provided for the all day event.

More than 2 million unique visitors logged onto to watch the 16 hour, uninterrupted Web cast. Ironmanlive streamed the largest all-day sporting event in sports television history, starting before dawn and ending at midnight. Nine cameras were used: one studio camera with two announcers, a roving RF camera in numerous positions around the transition areas with two more announcers, a camera in a Wescam Helicopter, two RF cameras on motorcycles, with the remainder being web cams placed around the triathlon course.

Back home in Tampa, TDS is leading a partnership, Armory Studio Partners, in a bid to renovate the Fort Homer Hesterly Armory into a soundstage, studio and office complex. Deadline for the bids to the city was November 30th.

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the partnership is prepared to invest up to $5 million to transform the landmark. The contractor estimates the renovation to cost $3.7 million and another $1 million to setup the soundstage with rigging, lighting and production equipment.

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