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Mark the Calendar and Bookmark Miami Film Festival
(released 1/30/2020)
By Kimberly Burke

Miami Film Festival will be held March 6-15, 2020. This is the 37th annual festival presented by Miami Dade College. Cash awards totaling more than $150,000 are given out in the competition categories.

The Art of Trailer Editing with Joe Hackman is going to be Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 12:30p.m.  Hackman will lead this 90 minute masterclass. Joe Hackman is the first ever recipient of the Miami Film Festival's Best Trailer Award. Since 2013, first as an Assistant Editor, Hackman began his work in movie trailers. Joe Hackman has gone on to work as a music supervisor and editor. The importance of a film's marketing campaign is correlated to a film's success.

The schedule for the festival is not yet released. Keep in touch with the festival for updates by bookmarking this url,

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