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48 Hour Film Project Winners Announced
(released 6/23/2007)
By greenroomwire

Tampa's 48 Hour Film Project winners have been announced by the producer of the regional contest, Bill Rogers, on his website

Here are the winners:

BEST FILM – ”Unspeakable"
BEST DIRECTING - "Unspeakable"
BEST WRITING - "Unspeakable"
BEST EDITING - "Unspeakable"
BEST ACTING - "Unspeakable"
BEST SOUND DESIGN - "Unspeakable"
BEST USE OF CHARACTER (Megan or Pete Van Gibb) - "Last Chance"
BEST USE OF PROP (salt & pepper shakers) - "Last Minute Gift"
BEST USE OF LINE OF DIALOGUE ("I Don't Know What His Deal Is") - "Versus"
BEST GRAPHICS - "Last Chance"
BEST MUSICAL SCORE - "NecroZombie Robot Marriage"
BEST CHOREOGRAPHY - "NecroZombie Robot Marriage"

The Audience favorites

Super Hero Hotline
Necro Zombie Robot Marriage

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