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E-Incubator Breakfast is February 3rd at the Betsy
(released 1/31/2017)
By Kimberly Burke

The E-Incubator is holding a coffee and conversation this Friday morning on February 3, 2017 at 9:30a.m. with Composer J. Carlos Maya. The $10.00 coffee conversation will take place at the new Conservatory at the Betsy Hotel. RSVP is encouraged and all are welcome to email  The Conservatory is located between 14th and 15th Street in Miami Beach. A public garage is available on 13th and Collins.

Besides music, food is his great passion, so you can easily find him either eating ramen noodles in Brickell, fresh-made "arepas" in Doral or "carnitas" in Little Havana according to Maya's business site where he serves as Chief Producer, Composer and Partner.

The E-Incubator has been fostering filmmakers in South Florida for nearly two decades. Film contests, educational panels, and South Florida community building focused on bringing together the cinematic talent that is present in Miami and surrounding cities.

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