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The Uh-Oh! Show released on DVD
(released 9/7/2011)
By Douglas Lorah

Herschell Gordon Lewis' The Uh-Oh! Show is now available on DVD.  It was released August 30th by Shriek Show Entertainment.

The film was produced by Lion's Kill and Film Ranch International.  Film Ranch is the team of Andy Lalino and Andrew Allan.  Their previous films include Brainjacked and multiple award winning Filthy.

The entire film was shot in St. Pete utilizing locations such as Crescent Lake Park and the Palladium Theater.

The film stars Brooke McCarter (The Lost Boys), Nevada Caldwell (Army Wives), Joel D. Wynkoop and Mike Christopher (Dawn of the Dead).

H.G. Lewis' The Uh-Oh! Show has been honored with two festival awards: The AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD at the Texas Frightmare Weekend Horror Convention and BEST FEATURE HORROR FILM at the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.

You can buy your own copy at

Here is a look at the trailer.

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