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Super Size Me
(released 2/25/2005)
By kim burke

From Sundance to Oscar ™ nomination this super sized film has raised the social conscious level on fast food intake.

The Wellness Initiative Network (WIN) at Barry University as part of their 5th annual Wellness Day have invited Oscar nominee, Morgan Spurlock, director of the highly acclaimed documentary "Super Size Me" to speak and interact with the public, guests, faculty, staff and student body. Spurlock takes a look at America’s current eating habits - including a 30 day McDonalds binge he himself endures, the growing obesity epidemic in our country, and the "corporatization" of our food supply. The Academy Award nominated documentary will be showcased, followed by a presentation, and concluded with a question and answer session by the director himself!

The film will screen Tuesday Evening March 1, 2005

Film Screening "Super Size Me" 6:30 p.m. Broad Auditorium Film Director Presentation, Q & A 8:00 p.m. Broad Auditorium

Meet & Greet with Morgan Spurlock 9:30 p.m. Broad Auditorium


For more information regarding the event, please feel free to contact Yuri Feito at 305-899-4078 or Catalina Franco at 305-899-3063.

Email contact is

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