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Lucia Fishburne Is Named State Film Commissioner
(released 2/11/2008)
By Douglas Lorah

Governor Crist has appointed Lucia M. Fishburne of Tallahassee as the new state film commissioner. The announcement was made Monday, February 11, 2008. The official title is Film Commissioner of the Office of Film and Entertainment (OFE) which is within the Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development, which is an agency of the Executive Office of the Governor.

Lucia comes from Workforce Florida where she was the Communications Director. Her background is obviously communications, as well as marketing and public relations. Her film background is limited to 8 years of being on the OFE's advisory committee called the Florida Film & Entertainment Advisory Council. She was also the Executive Director of Florida Institute for Film Education, which appears to have been disbanded for years.

She is replacing Paul Sirmons, who will continue his services until Fishburne takes office. No exact timeframe for the transition has been released.

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