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Cult Movie Mania Presents Screaming Cinema Series
(released 2/8/2012)
By Kimberly Burke is bringing a NYC 42nd Street Grindhouse vibe to Tampa, Florida when it debuts the Screaming Cinema Series February 9, 2012.

The events will be hosted by Joel D. Wynkoop, with special guest apperance by reviewer Bart Boyle. The film showcase will also include wild-’n-crazy short films, trailers, prizes, and trivia.

Glimpse at the schedule:

- Feb. 9 (Thurs.) 9:30pm: "Slime City Massacre" with SPECIAL GUESTS director GREG LAMBERSON and stars LEE PERKINS - LIVE Q&A post-screening.
- Feb. 16 (Thurs.) 9:30pm: "The Theatre Bizarre"
- Feb. 23 (Thurs.) 9:30pm: "Dear God No!"
- March 1 (Thurs.) 9:30pm: H.G. Lewis’s "The Uh-Oh! Show" and the all-new documentary "Herschell Gordon Lewis and the Making of The Uh-Oh! Show" - CAST AND CREW IN ATTENDANCE!

- March 8 (Thurs.) 9:30pm: "Chillerama"
- March 15 (Thurs.) 9:30pm: "Bellflower"
..."Father's Day", "Brainjacked", "Filthy" and others announced soon!

Screaming Cinema Series  will be held at the Tampa Picture Show, located at: 14416 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, Florida, (813) 963-0578. For details:

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