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$1 Million in Florida Incentive Funds Available
(released 2/12/2007)
By greenroomwire

As of one week ago, the incentive funds were fully allocated and several productions were in line waiting for funding. A few days ago, there was about $380,000 available after the shows in line got their funding due to certified shows surrendering their incentive funds – and as of Thursday, February 8th, the total available jumped to over $1 million due to another show falling through... which means THERE ARE MORE INCENTIVE FUNDS AVAILABLE!

The amount available right now is $1,114,596. Please note that this could change – up or down - at any time! A production need only have $850,000 in qualified expenditures to qualify for the incentive (which would earn a minimum cash rebate of $127,500.) To get a $1,000,000 cash rebate would require qualified expenditures of over $6,600,000.

There is also a chance that more shows will drop out, meaning more incentive funds would become available.

If you have a production that Florida might be a good home for before July 1st, 2007, PLEASE APPLY! If you know of one, TELL THEM TO APPLY!

The incentive info is online at – or call (850) 410-4765.

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