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Sunscreen Workshops For In Front/Behind Camera
(released 2/28/2008)
By Douglas Lorah

The Sunscreen Film Festival kicks off its third annual event with John Travolta hosting an invitation-only VIP reception. This year's schedule has workshops for actors, screenwriters, and filmmakers through its 4 days.

Some of the workshops and panels include Better Auditions, Written Scenes, Distribution and Finance and a RED One camera demo.

The Better Auditions panel is on Thursday, March 20th starting at 10am. The panel will include South Florida acting instructor Marc Durso, SAG's Dave Fazekas, actor turned casting director John Jackson, French filmmaker Jennifer Devoldere (Shoe At Your Foot), and actress Lauren Cohan. The seminar will address panel questions through a sample audition, to showcase good audition techniques and habits.

Written Scenes is a screenwriters workshop on Friday, March 21st from 4pm till 5:30pm. The workshop will be led by Steven de Souza (Die Hard, 48 Hrs), Timothy J. Sexton (Children of Men), and Karl Iglesias (The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters).

Distribution and Finance speaks for itself. This workshop runs Saturday, March 22, from 2:30pm to 4pm. Running the workshop will be Jamie Fleming and John N. Flynn of Hollywood Classics/InFrame and Mary Poole, Director of Acquisitions and Licensing at York Entertainment.

Also on the cinematography and technology tip, there will be a RED One camera demo on Thursday, March 20th at 4:00pm.

Tickets and additional information are available at

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