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CFR in Ybor
(released 11/17/2004)
By Douglas Lorah

TOO Productions presents the next Coffeehouse Film Review on Thursday, December 9, from 8 – 10 p.m. at Studio 1515, located at 1515 Seventh Avenue in Ybor City. Coffeehouse Film Reviews showcases independent films made by local filmmakers. Coffeehouse Film Reviews is held every second Thursday of the month and is free.

Next event's films include:

No Control by Roberto Rosaly: Two emotionally unstable young men struggle with reality, gambling problems and their battle with the underworld boss.

The Pitch, the Poker and the Public: A story of manipulation, influence and PT Barnum. It asks the question, "Can one go corporate without losing ones soul? Can you make money and hold onto what is most important in life?"

The Match by Chris McDaniel

And St. Petersburg Public Access show "Scream @ The Wall" will be filming an episode of their highly popular show, which features local talented musicians, filmmakers and comedy.

For more info on how to submit your film, email Paul Guzzo at

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